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About Us

Established in May 2022, Chef Kenny's Kitchen is comprised of husband-and-wife duo Chef Kenny and DJ Harker and our daughter, Lailah. We specialize in a small, focused menu of American comfort foods with an elevated twist including entrees, fresh-fruit lemonades, and scratch-made bread pudding. We operate in a 22-foot custom-built trailer kitchen with a built-in smoker on our screened in porch. Chef Kenny's Kitchen prides ourselves on serving delicious food and great service, guaranteeing you'll want to become a recurring guest in our kitchen! Our passion for great tasting food shows in every dish and we put all of our focus in providing an unmatched 'Chef Kenny Experience' every time. 


Meet Chef Kenny

Kenny Harker (Chef and Co-Owner) has worked in the food industry for over 25 years. His back-of-house experience started at 18 years old washing dishes in a well-known, fast-paced chain restaurant. When a position opened to cook on the line, he took the opportunity, and his culinary career began. Chef Kenny quickly obtained his reputation as a great cook through his attention to detail in his food and his ability to thrive under pressure in the kitchen. Kenny has often run an entire line by himself during a rush and prided himself on never having food
returned due to lack of quality or improper preparation. His experience working in a high-volume restaurant in Concord, NC for almost 10 years allowed him to expand his culinary skills serving many different audiences where he adapted to multiple cuisines and dietary restrictions. Kenny is a man of few words in general but he will often say, “My food speaks for itself!” so it doesn't need much explanation. Chef Kenny’s careful attention to detail ensures that he will provide high-quality and great-tasting food that can't be replicated.

Meet The Team


DJ Harker

Operations and Co-Owner

DJ is a “people person” with a natural knack for customer service, building relationships and greeting everyone with a warming smile. Working with people is a passion of hers from her first job working at a seafood stand in the 5th grade to working for over 9 years in Human Resources, which she still does during the week at a local manufacturing company in Concord, NC. DJ ensures everyone feels comfortable in her presence and won't hesitate to share personal experiences during the order process. Providing an exceptional customer experience is a gift and is her top priority in treating every visitor like family and friends. Each customer will feel as if they are welcomed into the Harker family’s own kitchen and the great food will keep you coming back for the experience every time!  


Lailah Harker


Lailah is a fun-loving, energetic, dancing Queen who promises to entertain. She is a young apprentice-in-training and is learning the importance of working hard and perseverance. Lailah pays careful attention to all that her parents are doing and could likely follow their lead in entrepreneurship, after dancing of course. She is really the boss, but we do not tell the adults that. :D

Make sure to ask for the "Lailah Special" when you visit the truck - that's if she doesn't beat you to it...

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